About Us

IN THE PAST, 86 years ago, a group of folks determined to improve life in the backcountry used shovels to dig our first well.  As the community grew, wells 2, 3 and so on were added.  The water was delivered through pipelines constructed from leftover steel pipe from the shipyard in San Diego.  Lake Morena’s Oak Shores Mutual Water Co., Inc. was born out of the necessity for drinking water for the growing population of Lake Morena Village.

TODAY, IN 2018 we are about to complete 10 years of construction.  Our project will be complete with the funding of our last grant of $800,000.  The company will have a state-of-the-art water treatment plant, 382,000 gallons of clean, safe drinking water storage, hydrants every 300 ft throughout the system, new distribution lines with meters in front of each property, and consolidation with Lake Morena RV Park.  The entire project, done in 4 phases, costs $10.8 million and is funded by $8.3 million in free grant money from USDA and the State of California. The water company takes responsibility for the remaining $1.5 million with two USDA 40-year loans.

IN THE FUTURE the new infrastructure will serve the drinking water needs of the RV Park as well as the 205 meters served by our system.  The Board of Directors and employees of LMOS continue to work for the single purpose of delivering clean and safe drinking water.

James Edwards -President/Treasurer
Mitch Wingfield -Vice President
Kim Glover – Secretary

Karen S. Russell – Operations Manager
Craig Barkett – System Operator
Jill Gooch Coryell – Bookkeeper